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Leadership being an act of being an act that one person emerges as the solo presenter of others and puts all the need and wants of the people they are presenting at the table where the all the people they present could not all make it to. Well being a leader can sound an easy task to be but in the real sense, it takes a lot of quality to make it there.

Leaders present people at different levels from being the president of a republic to being that class monitor, all this are leaders and they pose almost similar qualities. Every leader has a unique way of ruling and leading their people, due to this let us see what makes an effective leader. Thus the emergence the title of this article, what makes an effective leader essay.

Good communicator

You may have the best ideas and strategies to change the current issues being experienced by the people you want to lead. Therefore, how you want to express to them is very important for if you can communicate effectively to them then you are assured of winning their trust in and making them have the hope and trust in your leadership thus making you an effective leader.

Always Commitment

As a true leader, it is very necessary that as you plan to leader a group of people you should be ready to make the need and wants of these people at first making you think of them as your current situation. Being commitment leader makes you a working leader unlike other leaders you put the people you are presenting at heart making you an effective leader who can deliver to the people.

A person of positive attitude

That drive people is what type of attitude they have, so as a leader it is very important to bring the positivity among the people no matter how the situation may look. This very necessary component of an effective leader for everyone will be eying some you are like their motivator. Therefore, as an effective leader, it will require you to always be positive in every situation.

As you are looking towards to leading all nation, it is very important to be that type that who can make that critical situation look like an easy one to the citizen so that the citizens cannot give up and go on fighting.

Be creative

Leading a nation is not an easy job that will take simple skills, so as an effective leader you must be creative so that you always have a solution to problems this makes the nation to run and be at toe making you a person of effective leadership quality.

Be approachable

Are accessible by the people who made you lead them? Well, it is very important that this person can make it you and share with you to make you change ideas with them. This makes the people feel that they are part of the nation building for they are always involved in the state affairs.

Be inspiring

As a leader, it is you work to motivate the citizens to always wake up and do work and always encourage them. For inspiration makes that individual who is down to want to do more to the nation building.


And to summarize honesty is very important for it builds trust, confidence, and love in you. So as a leader it is very important that you be honest with the nation resources and to the people thus building that love and unity.


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