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How to write a leadership essay introduction?

We want to share some tips on writing a catchy leadership essay introduction with you. Hope they’ll make your life easier. All the secrets are here!

Every good essay has to catch the readers’ attention right from the start, especially a leadership one. Why is this specific field so important? Because leadership is a topic that can be understood by everyone, unlike more specific ones like IT or economics, etc. It may seem a good thing, but at the same time it complicates things a lot as everyone will notice if you won’t put much effort into writing a proper leadership essay introduction.

How to write a proper leadership essay introduction?

A good properly written introduction fulfills the following tasks:

  • catches reader’s attention;
  • gives a summary of your essay;
  • tells your opinion;
  • slowly leads the readers’ to the thesis.

An unexpected beginning is usually a good way to catch readers’ attention. You can surprise your readers with some unexpected statistics or interesting facts related to leadership (for example, write about the fact that everyone plays a role of a leader at some point in their life). Another good way to start is to quote someone famous, but in this case you have to choose really smart and interesting quote. Remember how many times you stumbled upon overused quotes and found them boring? Well, don’t let your essay become one of those cases. 

And don’t forget about the thesis: an introduction has to end with it. A thesis has to be short, informative and interesting. Try to fit the whole idea of your essay into one sentence. Then work on making it sound as good as possible.

We hope that you’ll be able to write the truly amazing introduction with the help of our tips. Wish you good luck!


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